Caitlyn Jenner: “Nightmare Alley” Being Transgender in Reality TV Yesterday’s Geek to Today’s Media Freak –

Being a leader or Champion for the Trans community or of any Kind takes more than putting your Face on a Wheaties Package.

 Screenshot 2017-04-24 00.25.16 copy

I am truly saddened to see that the media puppets once again spring into action as their strings are pulled y by Caitlyn Jenner and her media forces for launching another assault on the public, another 15 minutes of exposure to the side-show carnival freak show atmosphere of Caitlyn/Bruce and the rest of the accompanying posse and mob that trails through the media channels day and night.

The Caitlyn spasm  is not a Freak oriented side show because it deals with Transgender issues and Transgender life, but because it like REALITY TV is and always has been a Show for Freak Display from its very start, back in Jerry Springer days.

It is not “reality” of course, but an attempt to engage “rubbernecking” by folks who are promised some shock or awe resulting from  “display” much like the carnival freaks in the Nightmare Alley movie we here describe.

When Bruce was still “he’, we felt complete sympathy and compassionate for his plight: as a  person in the public eye, their every move and private effort at feminization or other mode of living their life (whatever that might have been) was subject to the intrusions of the paparazzi and the creepiness of all media to invade privacy, and exploit the personal aspects of any issue rather than actually dealing with events in a truly informational and insightful way.

However, after the decision was made become “Caitlyn” then, much like an addict, she continued to depend on being in the spotlight, and having every bit of laundry, dirty or otherwise, ruffled through and shuffled through by the media and she continued to encouraged the worst aspect of gratuitous self serving paparazzi behavior by all that mess of sickeningly corrupt media that keeps telling us that they give us the “news’.

Thus she clung to the only life she knews, and not much of a life for anyone either Cis or Trans, as a spectacularly in the menageri of Reality TV.  She seems to have seen this “transition” to have been a chance to leverage herself beyond the sad “Geek” state and sad cat eating grin that she had been flashing for so many years as a backup “smiler” with the Kardashian zoo.  But there are other ways out of “Geekdom” instead of heightened “Freakdom”.  One is, for example, just to live your life and stop talking about it.


Here  today, in another flurry of tediously boring self promotion flashing of underwear, we have Caitlyn lunching another shameless promo of a new book (I do understand that there is a ratings game and ratings pressure…and so, if I were in the TV ratings race I might be tempted to do the same…at least a bit…I confess) and the press, long past the days when the idea of journalism was to present news to educate, inform and somehow offer insight to the public, now is intent on doing their best to pimp whatever project their pals in the PR and publishing and other media are seeking to inflict on the public.  Even this same old same old dregs from the Jenner closet.

Now, in a burst of self promotion and self-delusion, whopping amounts of each,  we have her saying in a sissy hissy fit  (sorry it just rhymed so well)  to the ever receptive media, “If President Trump doesn’t shape up on Trans issues, he’ll have to deal with me” if anybody but her book publisher and her MAC cosmetic sponsors frankly give the slightest damn.  How delusional and sad can she be?


Previously she insisted that the White House make room for her to come down there…in proper outfit and heels, and after a $500 makeover, no doubt… talk to the President, as if she had anything to say.

Caitlyn is no more than an  illegal immigrant from Jerry Springer, who has been trying to sneak across the border into real life from her sideshow carnival life.  It’s not as bad as any other kind of gratuitous flashing and  showing us what’s there or what’s not, but very close to it.That unzipping is probably coming with Diane Sawyer.  But  after the initial exposure and the zipper is first pulled down, there is nothing else to be said or done. That show is over very quickly, not exactly ample enough on which to erect a ratings bonanza.

We were all thankful for the cancellation of that morbid selfie parade on the “I Am Cait” show with the recruited posse of all the usual suspects  of LGBT cult self-indulgence lined up for us to listen to them preach the Trans ghetto gospel. Happily the show was put out of its misery after two seasons.  Most viewers terminated their own misery in having to watch the shenanigans of the tired old band of gossipers in gender limbo as soon as a year or so earlier than that.

Bruce/ Caitlyn was longing to be a full fledged  side show freak, a Star Freak, long before the outfit/makeup change.  But she, while still a ” he’, could be no more than the classic “Geek” from “NIGHTMARE ALLEY”  (video here) on the Kardashians zoo parade.

(Truly one of the grimmest film noir efforts, almost too noir and horiffying for its time, it gave us the word “GEEK”.  Now Rotten Tomatoes, so many years later, a 100% rating….IT seems we have new horros, like Reality TV, much more dire and horrifying and totally ‘noir” or “black holes” by comparison_

Screenshot 2017-04-22 18.35.35

Much like the “Geek”, the Tyrone Power character in the famous movie, Nightmare Alley,   the “Geek” was the talentless one in the side show, who could do nothing to justify their place in carnival…not a bearded lady, or a sword swallower or a dwarf. or fire eater or knife thrower …..nothing more to offer than eating the heads of live chickens for an audience every night.,,and then going back to your hole to wait for the next chicken.

Tyrone Power was as good-looking and handsome a specimen as Jenner ever was, and working his way to fame before hitting hard times…and ultimately having nowhere to go but be “The Geek” in the carnival freak show.

PastedGraphic-1 copyJenner, after he joined the Kardashian circus,  but had to stand there for years with that “chicken eating “grin. because he  had nothing to offer, no bootie, no shocking vulgarity, no sexual peccadilloes. trysts, or garish trolling  or other “talent’

He had to somehow be part of that gathering on the Kardashians  which survived by causing the weaker willed among us to succumb andto rubberneck at their freaky oddness as we made our ways down the road of our own lives.  No wonder most folks have thrown away their cable subscriptions by now, along with any intention to hear more of the same old confused, self tortured outputs from Caitlin.

Jenner was very much not “freak enough” for his years on the Kardashians with ‘nothing to show” but that befuddled geek’s   half grin and today is not much more than that even with lipstick on that befuddled half grin of hers today.

With this Transgender  Transition he finally found himself something to do.  Not, of course, to  just go out live a real life. But for this period of the sideshow, perversely enough, to be the star freak in his own freak reality show  No longer just the Geek but the center of the perversity stage, the Starring Freak.

It is clear from watching Caitlyn on and off the screen for the past two years that she was as lost and bewildered and trying to find her “footing” in her new heels as much as any Transgender person.  There is, as well, a phase or stage for many Trans folks who all of a sudden find themselves in an “odd  limbo state” where they are no longer themselves and no longer can count on or hope for the previous closeness or sharing with those who had been their friends…and their social circle.

For the lucky ones, family and friends are there in some number.  But for most of them they are in a true limbo, men or women without a social framework in which to find any degree of anchoring.  So they act like many converts to new and different ways of life and cling to others in their ‘new group” and in fact, they do more than cling. They go out and become involved in an extreme “identification”, an effort to be a missionary, and to go out and evangelize, propagandize and rely  on this new “posturing’ of being an activist to be a substitute or surrogate ‘self”.

Many of the Trans folks we see for years and decades on the internet and Facebook and elsewhere in the public eye are still not yet living a life but only milking their own transition for the fuel to continue talking and living and raging and fulminating about what is essentially already their “past”, but they cannot move on to live in their present.  Instead they take on a pseudo “identity” of being the leader/missionary’spokesperson or activist for this “new group to which they now see themselves as belonging, almost by forfeit since they have not yet found a way to belong to society at large in the mainsteam.

So  Cailtyn now has managed to transform the Transgender Life situation into nothing put a her truly Freakoid Reality Show.  She is the Freak in all this reality posturing” , and not the Transgender person or the Transgender situation.

She has given us a carnival side show glimpse of a basic and important life situation, that of being Transgender, and transfromed it into a Reality Show spectacle of selfidom, .preaching to the world and to the media where with their ever pressed more closely to the ground (and whatever filth they might rub up against when down on their knees) about  this circus on TV is somehow related to that other “real life “which we all have to live…as do our neighbors who don’t know it other than through the oddities of Caitlyn and her posse.

Being affixed as a a promotional picture on a box of Wheaties might have been just fine for Bruce back then, but plastering your Caitlyn face on the situation of being Transgender is not quite the same thing at all, not quite the same ‘package” to be championing.   No one asked you and no one wants you “selling” that particular package, Caitlyn.

You don’t get to be a champion by pasting yourself on a Wheaties package, but you get asked to be there because you are a champion in your own right already.  That is something that Jenner doesn’t seem to get.

If she had been wiser or smarter or less tediously boring she would have had the notion of pausing, reflecting, coming to terms with what she was doing and her new life…and learning how to live that new life, before telling others how to live it and presenting hersefl to the mainstream world as some sort of window.   The window she offered was nothing but a window into her own confusion. And that confusion was based on her own insistence on not maturing or being sensible before going on display in the side show, freak show of Reality TV.


And that is what Jenner has made of the Transgender situation.  Pumping it to the point of dryness.  Promoting her own show (no longer just the “geek” on the side but the Freak in the center) .  It serves no purpose to anyone.  Not even the new Caitlyn, who has as little connection to the real life situation of the Transgender person as she or he had to the Wheaties in the box he was promoting.

She does not offer the media  a glimpse of life or reality or anything but her own freakiness.  She only gives them a chance to engage in their Pavlovian conditioned quest to salivate at the prospect of a few extra ratings points, no matter what they show or what they say.  The vast majority of Trans folks are not interested in her carny show and its carny atmosphere.

The Truth about Reality TV is that it is stultifyingly boring, beyond belief…and that is the point. The boredom is palpably painful to anyone who has the misfortune of stumbling across a glimpse of it. The only ones who do not have any idea of how truly plain boringly common and un extraordinary they “reality TV” is are those appearing in it.

And THAT is the very reason for their being viewed as Freaks by everyone, Not that they do anything, say anything, or think anything more common than the average garden variety rodent, but that they don’t know it, while they are “exposing” their nothingness to the rest of us.  How could they be so lame so unaware that they present themselves to the world in all their ordinariness and lack of presence.   THAT makes them Freaks to all of us as soon as we turn them on, and long after we turn them off.

With Caitlyn, as with Bruce, it was the sideshow carnival that was  all about ‘nothing’ and showing us how they can try to take “nothing” and make it something.  As they say once about “Cleveland”.  It’s all about “them” but there’s no “them” there”

All that’ s missing is a chance to rummage through   dirty laundry and see what kind of underwear, male or female, or sexy or not, was the fave of the day. . Others like me are repulsed.  But the media has the own set of rules and regimens that they follow till they use up and empty those who are part of its circus acts or  until the media itself generates it’s own well deserved demise.

Books with no use go on remainder and are seen piled up in the corners of old book stores, old “Reality TV Stars” past expiration date on the package  have no where to go to  pile themselves up” on remainder” , except  the everpresnet TV talk show that purportedly features the ‘NEWS”….even fish wrapped in last year’s newspapers.  That’s even more grisly “reality” freakdom for the dead fish than the first time around when the stench of beyond past its time was not yet there.  Not known you’re dead is even more freaky than not known you’re allowed to be alive.

So now that Caitlyn’s tedious and empty-headed show was cancelled (it took the media moguls a long enough time to realize that audiences knew that it was just the same old ‘Geek”)  The show was a total disaster in terms of their pimping efforts for the second year.  She has her cosmetics cash from Mac.  But now she has President Trump and the bathroom fiasco to leverage herself and give herself a “lift”.  Perhaps she ought to poke her nose there for a while to keep the zombie moving around with and publicizing her MAC makeover

And now whoop dee  do, what do we have?  A Surprise! A New Book.  So right on schedule the media is there to collaborate in promoting the book, regardless of how insipid and self-serving the side-show act of Caitlyn continues.

Now, please don’t tell me what the media contrives for  the story line, as we see it touted on television prior to another set of peaks into the boudoir of the new Caitlyn, We are to watch to empathize with  l how “sorry” we  feel for Caitlyn as she is  “drawn between two opposing groups both of which don’t like her”

Is that the best story line that the Televisoin sideshow carnival barkers could come up with?

“Poor thing she just does not know what to do…besieged and attacked by both sides as she is !!!    Of course if she actually went out “got a life” and stopped her Jerry Springer fulminations and ruminations then she wouldn’t be in the middle of desperately  trying to latch onto anything and everything but her own real world.

She has no clue about any of the Trans situation, either medically, psychologically, socially or politically.  She has no doubt been drugged by the top of the line medics into doing the most foolhardy top of the line “drug regimen as we can see by some of her physiognomy;  she was able to casually drop about $65,000 on Facial surgery before her first interview as almost no one else can do , has not had to go into a public bathroom for decades, although a 65000 face job ought to help…as should the crew of paparazzi with her when she goes to move her bowels..….

She  knows nothing about politics except that the media will quote her no matter how asinine or self delusional her comments are (“Trump will have to deal with ME”. .ha ha)   She has not had a real life conversation or interlude (without the paparazzi and the photo-op machinery for decades)  Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 18.22.05The truth of it is that neither group, left or right, actually gives a damn about her so she needs more PR.   So now she seeks to “Geek it” up a notch  and  grab another 15 minutes in the spotlight (about every week or so) by piggybacking on the Trump – bathroom thing.

Well the media should be warned… and they probably know ) that she is a lost, befuddled, and incoherent victim of her own decades of being a “reality” freak display.   And the media  is enabling her to try to pump some life into her new book….instead of “getting a life” herself .  She should be on Dr. Phil rather than Tucker Carlson !!

So what’s she going to talk to poor Donald about.  Her MAC cosmetics. She can only mindlessly repeat what she has desperately tried to cling to and catch a ride  with:  We can see from her I Am Cait show that she did not have a clue and changed her mind every other day as the person she was sitting with looking even the least bit askance at her.

It’s not unexpected that now she should latch onto the disastrous mantra of the LGBT activists who are intent on inflaming, provoking, and destroying the reconciliation of the Trans person with the Mainstream…and proceeding in utter fascination with inflaming the left and the right with the loudest shouting about  the crucial nature of the toilet in everyone’s life.

But why should Caitlyn care that she is only inflaming and not resolving anything..  Her addiction is to pushing her ‘own unreal “reality” in front of our noses as often as she can.  And is always looking for puppets whose strings her media counsel can pull to give her “voice” an airing.

The truth is that she has nothing to say except to echo what has been disseminated and predigested and trumpeted as loudly as possible by  the various (other self aggrandizing) voices of the established  LGBT “community”  leaders who themselves are feeding on the media naïveté about the Trans world and who require the controversy and commotion about bathrooms to fuel their own flame, eternally if possible.

Why would anyone care what she has to say. There is no content in what she says, anymore than there is the new package on which she has her picture pasted. All she can do is raise the pitch, raise the noise level, raise the controversy.  As if we need that extra bit of inflammatory rhetoric in the face of the current fiasco.  No, the voice being raised and echoing the slogans of the LGBT activists is only to market the empty package.

So folks, get ready for some more rubbernecking …as we get a chance to see on our Television “fake news”  what no one really wants …up close and personal…someone in the clutches of dysphoria and personal confusion who clings to showing off their oddness rather than dealing with it and getting a life.

With nowhere else to go, the fallen Tyrone Power, tries to get a job at another carnival, only to suffer the ultimate degradation: the only job he can get is playing the geek, eating live chickens in a sideshow and replying to the offer with his recurring catchphrase, “Mister, I was made for it.”


So too, we now see Caitlyn, in the same predicament.  She still can do nothing more than be on TV.  Not that her transition did not give her the opportunity for a new life, but it seems  that she had too much of the other side of the “reality” border in her by now.

The chance to star in her own “Freaky Reality TV spectacle” means more than the chance to star in her own real life. Caitlyn is surely no Greta Garbo.  Perhaps she thinks that is all she can do.  But why sicken the rest of us with her thrashing about?

No talent, nothing to offer, but she proclaims that Donald Trump ought to make time to speak to her about important matters of state..  ha ha

Politics is of course another side show made for rubbernecking and staring at those who are disabled on the side of the road of life.

Bring on some live chickens!!  So the show can go on.

It’s just too bad.  Here was a chance for someone to actually go out and live their life for the first time.  Instead of “telling a story” about their “reality” sideshow.  The way to be a leader or a model is not to nominate yourself and campaign for that office…but to live a model life and “Show’ others how it’s done.  As we noted, if you want to be pictured on a Wheaties box, you used to have to be a Champion first , and not the other way around.

We feel sorry for Caitlyn, as we did for Bruce.  Living a life as  spokesperson is not the same as living a life as a person.  It is an impoverished life that opts for “reality TV” over “reality” and does not know how to get out of the side show carnival scene.

Worse, for others of us,  in the eyes of those in the mainstream who don’t know,  it makes the rest of us seem as if we too are part of that freakish and confused world into which they are induced to rubberneck on Reality.

But we, unike the circus acts to which we are constantly treated by the media,  know how to live our lives and how not to do so.  Being Transgender is an adventure that allows one to move forward, “onward and upward”, as they say, and not ever downward into the emptiness of your own selfiedom.

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