Love at First Sight: When Neuroscience was just a Gleam in Ramon y Cajal’s Eye.


Ramón y Cajal started out with an interest in the visual arts and photography — he even invented a method for making color photos.

Cajal was drawn to art from an early age, to a point of compulsion — as a boy, he was frequently possessed by what he called “manias” to draw everything in sight, and even drew his dreams.  He did not have the happiest of childhoods and it seems as if today he might even be called “abused”.   He found solace in a private room where he could engage in his dreamwork and work on his dreams.

His father, a fine Paris Review article, tells us. it seems was dogmatic and tyrannical,  pushed him into medical school. Without his artistic background, his work might not have had as much impact, Dr. Swanson said.  “He repudiated or despised all culture of a literary or of a purely ornamental or recreative…

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