The “UMBRELLA GAME” : How Social Justice Militias Pose False Questions to Society that can only be Answered by Screaming and Hating


( finding a bit of Sunlight beyond the Shade ?) 

                                                                                                   –     Castalia Rachel Francon

How the Social Justice Left Creates Ad Hoc False Classifications with which to Pose Questions to Society that then cannot be Answered 

These Questions can only be handled by escalating Screaming Loud, Louder, and Loudest and the Hating that comes with it.  

The lunatic fringe in the social justice movement, whether it’s spewing about immigrants or transgenders or much else in today’s world has learned how to play the ‘Umbrella Game”  And, sadly, there is a method to its madness.

Both in the advancement of our science and in the making of our laws, we cannot afford to become bogged down in the efforts and then the failures to resolve questions that are not properly, but misleadingly “posed’.

Being bogged down in that way leads to nowhere in either case.

Well trained SJ Warriors have learned in very much a Pavlovian manner , as off-putting as the saliva drool of one of the Russian scientists experimental dogs, to quickly whisk, just about on-the-fly, any sincere or innocent statement about specific class of event or person , whether it be about immigration or transgenderism or or any controversy du jour, under an umbrella which it it is made to share with other classes of event or person not at all appropriately clustered under the same conceptual cover.

So that a statement about one class…let’s say “apples” can then be made to seem  to be about another class as well,  “oranges”, by fixing to them both a common umbrella genus term.

Now,  even a middle school child in a logic class would know better, but in today’s world of fast and fast food media, the ‘name’s the thing”  so the media and common parlance blooming around it are seduced into using the same umbrella concept for two disparate classes of events or persons.

This game goes to match point when then   speaker identify himself, as well, as an ‘orange” and feigns triggering as a result of the other persons statement about “apples’ out there on the shelf being a personal insult to him the particular  plump orange   doing the spewing in the interview.

So how does this umbrella game work in its gory specifics.


We have seen it in the ginning up of the Transgender controversy, but first let’s look as the same  maneuver that arises at the very first sound of the pavlovian bell as it applies to the illegal immigrant question confronting our society.

The  social justice warriors bring out their umbrella in Pavlovian speed whenever  a statement is made about there being a high percentage of objectionable immigrants (either criminal, medically unchecked, America haters, or even terrorists) being allowed to cross our border

They then stretch the concept of “immigrant” to cover both those who are allowed to violate our laws and enter nation without any vetting  to extend to the millions of bonafide LEGAL immigrants and paying their dues after being properly vetted. And then, just to spice their spewing drool they add  “and I’m an immigrant, too”

Again, this would not work nearly as well if we lived in a world where the pulse of today’s discourse were not digitally hyper-paced to near cardiac troubled rhythms.  But the media takes hold of the word, since much of what media does today is not to digest, assimilate and then rephrase an issue, but they mostly only copy and paste.

The umbrella gambit then serve not only to deconstruct and disorder society by creating a “question that cannot be resolved without seeming to either capitulate to the illegals (the apples) or by damaging and insulting the previous “legals”(the oranges).

We are stuck between a scylla and Charybdis of either’ tolerating’ the  pouring in of the illegal immigrant group and encouraging their further destabilization of our laws and economy, on the one hand, or insult and demoralize those who were properly admitted immigrants by lumping them, despite their unwillingness, along with the unsavory and dangerous among the “illegals”

It’ s just what the most sinister of the left minded activists desire, since a question that is posed to a society which it cannot resolve rationally (because of the way it is posed) will lead to turbulence and screaming and more turbulence and in the end generate chaos in the society.


Precisely the same manipulation is enacted upon the society when it attempt to genuinely face the recent advent of the Transgender situation.  The question is rephrased by the same “umbrella tactic”

At the sound of the bell, the social justice hounds come out spewing …and tell us that those who simply feel..on that day, (perhaps a  bad hair day..or maybe good hair day)..that they are truly women are part of the same class of ‘Transgenders” as are the folks who are genuinely troubled and how have diligently followed through on medical steps to deal with their personal situation.

It matters not to the militias of social justice that the former group only want to express a passion for  cross dressing and going out and orgy-ing with other crossdressers who are fetichistically turned on by the transvestite’ song and dance; whereas the latter group are bonafide Transgender persons, who have taken specific steps with their physicians to alter the mode with which they participate in society and face the world, both internally (via hormones and pharmaceuticals and surgery) as well as in the outfits and makeup they adopt

The fact is that a great many of those in the class which is genuinely Transgender do not wish to be group under the TRANSGENDER Umbrella with the cross dressers, as well as with a range of other alphabet soup classes that consider themselves beyond all gender definitions at all.  However, the media tend to focus on the advocates of the Umbrella concept and those of course who make a living of precisely that posing and that posture.

Of course when the sincere and curious interviewer even attempts to get into the science or logic of the use of the terms and arguments by the token “Trans” person (working for some organization with a vested interest in the playing of the Umbrella Game),  the person interviewed then burst into full scale fulmination about any criticism of those orgy-ing, testosterone driven cross-dressers as also being a criticism of the all the many genuine Trans person they have now lumped under the same umbrella.  And lastly,  they feign indignation, horror of being ‘Triggered and  personally offended, again, …as if the comments about those apples which were the ‘fakers” were directed to their group or oranges and to themselves personally and directly , no less.


Do I have something against what Trump just did the other day.  Well, yes, and no.  He should have learned from how his various articulations on the immigrant issue and the wall had to evolve somewhat in order for those positions to gain full traction for his position.

It is fine for him to make the diagnosis of the situation and raise the alert with his “build a wall” statement. That point needed to be made at the time to alert us all to the inadequacy of the extant policies.

However, it was only when he actually expanded the structure of his position to where the concept of “Vetting’ became prominent that it was clear that he was not allowing himself to be coopted into play the Umbrella game with his opponents.  Trump was able to make it clear , after some effort on his part, in that situation that he was doing two things at the same time, both respecting and protecting the public and those who had entered the country legally and also that he was making certain that those in that other class.who did not deserve to get across our borders did not not do so under cover of the generic notion of ‘immigrants”.

I would have loved it if he had coupled the necessary repudiation of the simplistic and inadequate Obama guidelines ALONG with proposing some first steps in a plan, based on scientific knowledge, in order to make sure that we all can make sure that those who are bonafide trans are always respected and protected.

The equivalent of “vetting’ would be served by the espousal of the need for  a scientifically based awareness of distinction that ought to be made and had to be made,  in this Gender arena as well, between the “good guys and the bad guys’ and that he and his administration were intent on doing precisely that.  Till that happens the tumult and the shouting will continue, and Trump’s still born policy statement merely plays into the hands of the Social Justice warriors and their Umbrella game, as long as he himself does not take the lead and dismantle the false ‘question” by providing a genuinely appropriate and complete response.

A foot note:

As a footnote.  we add that precisely this sort of political volleyball match ensued for months and years in the early 2000’s in regard to the “stem cell controversy” and tainted the elections back then, especially in 2004 with the jousting over a question that was falsely posed and for which the screaming and shouting went on before the effort was made to rephrase the question in terms of actual knowledge rather than the ‘umbrella” provided by the political agitators.

The argument back then over stem cell research revolved about the phrasing of the question in a way which implied that stem cell research could only be conducted by means of availability of foetus’s and that therefore the issue of stem cell research and funding became the issue of promoting  the abortion of foetus’s in the service of providing those stem cells.

Of course today, only a few years later, we realize that it was all just much sound and fury signifying nothing, since stem cells are now known to be obtainable in numerous ways, the most remarkably easy one being from the skin cells or fat cells or any other number of sources in any person.

However the disrupting forces in society managed to destabilize and distract us from the process of electing a president by their deceptive posing of that question, and the placing of  all stem cells and foetus derived stem cells under the same “umbrella”, making for an impossible choice, either to compromise scientific advance or to be responsible for terminating lives in the womb.


In the end, this is how a society manages to destabilize itself: By not attending closely to the kinds of questions it poses for itself or which it allows to be forced upon it when posed by political groups with no interest other than to further disorder and destabilize that society by causing it to grapple with questions that cannot be resolved and that lead only to more shouting and hating.

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