“Transgender, Trump, and the Truth” in the Trans Ghetto and Beyond”


“Castalia” Rachel Francon was banned by Facebook for her sharing her recent interview with a Conservatively oriented Podcast Radio program, WRONGTHINK RADIO,  presumably since it was considered as offensive or hate speech…or perhaps just not what Zuck’s Zombies thought was sufficiently ‘fake news” for their taste.

The conversation took place among folks who did not know much about each other or each others ideologies …but who ultimately found a common ground beyond their initial misunderstandings.  Wow. That must be “Diversity”.


And from the outset their basic common ground was finding themselves in a world dominated by the shame and guilt mongering of the ‘social justice warriors”and the fakery of Fakebook.

During the course of the program she presented to the interviewers and audience a point of view on how such ever more frequent conditions as Gender Dysphoria or the Trans phenomenon, as well as Asperger’s/Autistic Spectrum disorders, ADHD among so many of our young, and the obesity/Type2 Diabetes epidemic all have something in common.



That is, what is now called”Transgenerational Inheritance of Epigenetic Disruptions, sometimes directly hormonal as influenced by physicians mistreating pregnancy and sometimes environmental via agricultural and manufactured product intoxicants, and, yes, sometimes due to emotional and physical stresses placed upon the mother during the pregnancy.

And, oh yes, she also expressed the hope, shared by the two hosts, that perhaps with the Trump administration and some further dissemination of actual medical facts rather than Transgender Mythology and Gender Agitation, there might finally be some actual medical research on this “controversy du jour”, the Transgender predicament…that gets us all beyond senseless jousting about “pronoun use” and the contrived “bathroom wars”

With the power shift in Washington and the mood shift in the nation, the interview hosts and Rachel shared the hope that, whereas, the.  leftwing political forces essentially produced absolutely NO useful medical Trans gender research. we might, as a society,get around to tackling social problems with facts and science rather than with screaming, and the furious cycling fear and rage.

We have had enough of both sides, the Trans Ghetto inhabitants themselves and the mainstream public outside that ghetto  both being  manipulated and triggered into needless spiraling of ear and rage by the political elites which have dominated our media..

Rachel had come to the attention of the hosts of this new Radio Program because several months ago she had been interviewed by Milo Yiannopoulos or Breitbart News in a column which he had called  ( Milo seems to have a way with words) “Trannies for Trump”




Of course what could be more offensive and hateful to Facebook than someone of its member population presenting actual “New” to the rest of the captives, instead of either covering up the News or presenting the specialty of the house, for Zuckerberg’s mosque, “Fake News”


Rachel and her Group and her personal pages were then  been banned by Facebook back then during the Election for publishing and sharing on Facebook a story from a TV news station about an Imam who was advocating hate and harm to Gays and Transgender folks.



At that time, Francon added to Breitbart, “This is a sign of ultimate corrosion of our civil liberties. It means that the digital social media structure we see today will have to be changed.”  Eventually, with no explanations or no apologies, Rachel and her pages (which included two widely read health and science pages) on Facebook were reinstated.

So now that Trump was in office, the interviewers wanted to look further  into the story and now it was the those who are labelled (whether rightly or wrongly as it were) as “Transgender” are feeling about the new Trump era which is upon us.

As the hosts basically put the question to Rachel,  at the outset of the interview.  “As a Trans person, aren’t you deathly afraid that Donald Trump will strip you of your civil rights, your dignity, all your freedoms and wreak unimaginable harm on you and your way of life?

The interview began after about the first five or ten minutes of the program and went on ..and in great depth for more than an hour. The Podcast itself was fascinating as an experiment in life and culture…and the manner in which it evolved over the course of the dialogue was even more fascinating than the topics which were covered.

The actual interview done by the WRONGTHINK guys…which amounts to what is likely the fullest and most wide-ranging discussion and narrative of the Trans situation in our culture, ranging over politics, society, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and medicine….is linked here.




The two young hosts were typical of the mainstream public, only knowing about the mythologies and the misrepresentations available to them from the  political groups and the media serving them,  And, indeed, they were  more or less”conservatives” simply trying to find out what things might be like to people of a different lifestyle, very unlike and the typical liberal political machine that takes the Trans cause and seeks to  exploit and “run with it” via the game of “identity politics”.

Many of their questions, also involved various social issues relating to Gender and the Trans population, which have been inflamed and exploited by various activist LGBTQ organizations, by other political forces engaged in the scummery of ‘identity” politics, and by the Media, always ready to provoke and inflame any topic.  However, quite marvelously, the interview wound its way to the discussion of medical and neuroscience research and an array of topics which listeners had, for the first time, an opportunity to ponder…and, thus to hopefully not only understand what the lives and lifestyles of those in the Trans Ghetto were like, but also, perhaps, just perhaps, beginning to see how the non-stop controversies kindled by the LGBT organization, the Social Justice Warriors exploiting the Trans persons, and the Democratic Party “Identity Politics” fear mongering might all be defused and handled with civility, based on facts and science other than temper tantrums.

The hosts’ questions were not all really adequately phrased at first, but, understandably, they were the best that they –or others who are outside the Trans Ghetto—could be reasonably expected to articulate, given the prevalent state of misinformation in which we all are made to live.

We jointly faced the challenge which confronts all reasonably minded persons in our society, polarized, and with deliberate intent, by various political factions in accord with what we know today as “identity” politics.

Rachel, from the very start pointed to the invasive and, indeed, sinister intent of agitator groups and various political activists and opportunists utilizing the ever so obligating media to impose a “brand” on every one. This is very much the experience of cattle being singled out to be marched or driven in herd, even stampeded to a goal not of their own choosing.  One that hot branding iron pierces the “flesh” then the cattle become part of the “herd”.  In our media world of today, that brand is used as the first step in herding and then stampeding various persons who, with the help of  the media, offer themselves up to the burning of their ‘identity” into their hides…and then being rounded up and stamped by the media.

While the example of the Trans Ghetto was most likely to be the core of the interview, the issue of the manipulation of women by means of the same ‘branding iron” ..and then ‘I’m with Her” manipulations of the past election was on the agenda early on in the course of the interview.

The WOMAN “BRAND” is a FRAUD:  College Educated Women Did Vote for Trump

Francon presented the attempted manipulation of Women voters by the Democrat machine and the complicitous mainstream media during the Election as an utter fraud and misrepresentation of the facts “on the ground” Presumably, they thought that this media roundup by the media cowboys and cowgirls would herd all women away from Trump.

Even right of center media,,such as Breitbart, she added (which just didn’t know better) participated in the spreading the false rumor that only women who were uneducated and without college degrees supported Donald Trump.

This drive to market was sustained by the ongoing publication of misleading statistics which showed that while those woman who were not college educated, the majority supported Trump, that, on the contrary, those women who were ‘college graduates” were smart enough and educated enough to realize that they had to support Hillary. And that they did.  Even at that, the point was rather a weak one, since as the research showed, women college graduates, voted at 45 to 46 percent, a virtual tie.

However, this data itself,which was published everywhere, and to our knowledge never questioned by one media source, either of the left or of the right (which should have done their due diligence) was in effect a FRAUD.


The “Fake news” presented throughout the election and even to this day , deceptively lumped in with those women who graduated from our 4 year colleges, a huge  group of those who were in graduate school or had attained  graduate degrees. By combining the two, the “Identity” politics manipulators, political and media, skewed the data to make ti seem as if only those who never finished college supported Mr. Trump.

In Rachel’s analysis of the date, presented by the very same sources used by the media, it was clear. that if we looked directly at only women who DID graduate from college, but who, instead went on to jobs, families and lives in the real world and not in the ivory towers of academia, the fact what that a majority,  53% , voted for Trump over Hillary..and were definitely “Not with Her”

If we  further consider that the monolithic black female vote (95% or more for Democrats in all  demographic groups ( is essentialy not determined by gender but by race)  The majority of white female college graduates voting for Trump over Hillary would just to over 60%  .

Of course, hat was going on ‘on the ground” was far different from what the media an political “identity” branders would have us believe.  And indeed since “we” were the ones on the ground that is precisely why the media fairy tale story turned out not to have a happy ending for them or for Hillary…and her appeal to stampede women via her identity brand to vote for her.

The same was true with the Transgender folks in that particular “Ghetto”,  as those of us who have dealt directly with them knew.  “On the ground” the situation was far different from the media hype and the various “identity” related fake news that was generated to those outside the “ghetto” about those “inside”.

.The two hosts were open-minded and congenial. Over the course of the interview, it was truly quite impressive how folks from different places in our cultural spectrum could, simply by discussing issues and presenting information, come to understanding how they might jointly deal with any such cultural and/or medical issue. The interview was itself a fascinating experience in the meeting of “minds” of folks from different worlds and with many different cultural and political values.

Femme-Creature, Gender-Adventurer-Medical Activist-Philosopher-Princess”

Castalia Rachel Francon approached the potentially more inflammatory social political issues from a background of research and science studied medical and neuroscience and more recently gender related research for many decades.


She is a Yale Graduate, and then attended Medical School and obtained her graduate degree and engaged inher Ph D level work in Psychology and Neuroscience before embarking on what she called her “gender adventure” that led to her new life.

Her ‘Minding Brain” Page on Facebook has about 6,000 followers from around the world

She does not “identify” in accord with the Transgender label.  On her various pages and blogs, she lists herself as

Castalia was a pioneer in formulating Hormone Replacement Regimens that do not harm the Transgender person and has publicized those to thousands, encouraging them to reject their physician’s advice and to, instead, convince their physicians to follow a protocol similar to the one developed by Castalia Rachel.

Her group on Facebook, “Gender Research for All Genders”, has over 7,000 members of all Genders and has, we believe, saved hundreds , if not thousands of lives with the adjustments to the HRT regimen first advocated by her and now advocated by many others in the Trans community instead of the regimens which are still ill-advisedly promoted by the various Trans Health Organizations, who, as was noted in the Interview, steadfastly refuse to conduct any research on the safety or the advisability of the regimens which they blindly prescribe to doctors for their Trans patients.

More of Castalia Rachel Francon’s recent scientific postings are available here https://independent.academia.edu/RachelFrancon



We hope folks take a look at how we extrapolate from established science to try to provide guidelines for dealing with ALL these conditions and how they all now can be viewed as “hormonal imbalances (albeit of hormones as different as Estrogen, or Leptin, or Cortisol…and that these imbalances arise during the most important nine months of our lives, our time in the womb.

Everything that was stated in this interview is related to and directly inferrable from this TEDx Talk by the Prof Michael Skinner on Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance. For those who wish to understand the Trans situation, how it might arise, and how we might make life easier for those affected. this video provides the essential first step:

We encourage anyone interested in either neuroscience or psychiatry or medicine to view Prof Skinner’s amazingly clear and radically provocative video here via TEDx.




The outpouring of sheer fright and senseless fear and hate from the Trans Community to even seeing the posting of the Interview on Facebook with hosts from the ‘right” was astonishing.

Those very folks who have suffered in the Trans Ghetto from the ongoing Medial Mistreatment with which we deal in this interview, and who as a group have suffered from the decades of superficial political agitation by LGBTQ activist organizations, which nominally represent the Trans Cause, but which have done absolutely nothing, less than “ZERO’ to push for legitimate medical research and instead have spent their efforts on raging and accosting people about “pronoun use” or stoking rage and fear and then more rage in the ginned up “bathroom controversy”.

These political activist organizations arise, as they do in any Ghetto environment, and by reason of being the’ Squeakiest wheels’ they attain some recognition by the media, (if not by those actually living their lives in that particular ghetto) as “leaders”.  Presumably that media attention makes them “legitimate”.

They, then, over time, have to strive to keep their own structure and organization functioning.  For that they require  ever more attention, more controversy which translates into more influence and more funding for these “leaders” themselves to keep going.

Regrettably, that also translates into constantly fomenting more fear and rage, both on the part of those whom they would label with the ‘brand” as being part of their constituency and also fear by those outside the ghetto.

Part of this self-preservation attempt by the LGBTQ activists, as they add more and more letters to their alphabet soup notion of themselves, is to include just about everyone they can as being “Transgender”.  I, for one, resent both their inclination to label me and my own life as being under their umbrella…and I certainly resent their inclusion of a vast and unwieldy and incomprehensible assortment of various other souls, lost and otherwise, under that umbrella with me.

This type of identity manipulaton by the activist groups and the media both servicing them and fomenting them truly harms and irritates many who are lumped into deceptive branding.  The situation is very much like that which confronts the millions of immigrants in this country, who came here, over the years, following the laws and the protocols and became productive citizens.  They too feel resentment at being lumped in with those “illegal immigrants” sneaking into the country, many of them without any inclination to work or participate in the building of our nation, many of them with unsavory or criminal histories, and, even worse, many of them with a terrorist and anti-American bias.

In the Transgender community, we see. the same sort of manipulation via branding by the media groups many who are actually dealing with medical and biological solutions to a hormonal imbalance, by a variety of means, including not only surgeries but the vital hormonal re balancing for their bodies and minds, with those who engage in the diversions of “dressing” or ‘cross dressing” and who would never, for an instant consider, replacing the Testosterone which fuels their minds and bodies with Estrogen.

The LGBT activists and media, when they  absurdly extend their umbrella of Transgender beyond those many persons  who have genuinely struggled for years and decades, with the trauma, the incredible expense and the medically stressing and sometimes dangerous medical and surgical interventions with the cross dressers and fetichists and assorted others who have no commonality with them at all, generate the same level of intense resentment in legitimate Trans persons as is  felt by the legal immigrants who have paid their dues and been part of our nation, when their ‘brand” is extended by the media an political machines to the  illegals with whom they share no commonality

This (below)  is Carlotta Sklodowska, the creature, who was recruited by the LGBGT activist to ignite the bathroom controversy and provoke the first lawsuit on the matter in Michigan.  What on earth can we consider their motives to be, other than provoke turbulent fear and rage on all sides?  The comments (from Facebook?) go even further than the appearance of this person

These same organizations, which are actually mostly run by Gay folks, who were on the battlefields decades ago, but without actual leadership by Trans folks, have not understood the need for medical knowledge and research as a background for adequately dealing with the health and well-being of the Trans person, nor as background for fairly and productively dealing with the social issues and controversies which arise.


There is all the difference in the world between the Gay person and the Trans person.  To expect these organization that are led by Gay persons to adequately represent the interest of Trans persons is as unlikely and unrealistic a hope as to expect a woman’s rights or health organization that is totally run by men to do an adequate job, as well.

The Gay person, in regard to their life and lifestyle nowadays after their own turbulent civil rights struggle,  truly having practically nothing in common, other than both being labelled as ‘minorities’ and both being exploitable by political forces who seek to capitalize on using “identity politics” as a cudgel by means of which to beat  their ‘social justice” fury down upon  the heart and soul of the mainstream of our nation.

The incredible failure of the Gay person to have any understanding of the Trans person can be seen nowhere more clearly than in the  ongoing foolishness of Milo Yiannopoulis, who is a clever and bright commentator on our culture’s current predicaments, but who is brutally ignorant about the Transgender situation.



Perhaps, as a Gay person, he has felt no need to educate himself responsibly in the medical and biological facts of being Trans (In fact he probably as a younger gay person, spoiled by the times in which he himself has grown up) does not even likely have much of a clue about the biological medical roots of his own “gayness” either.  Or perhaps he does not himself recall how many outlandish things were said about the Gay person and their “mental disorder” or need to “cured of their disease” only a few years ago?

A Radio Program such as this WrongThinkRadio Podcast is immensely valuable in perhaps encouraging the further presentation of actual “News” about what medicine and science now tells us about the brains of all us…and, yes, Milo, that includes yours, too, since being “Gay” is not some privileged possession of an “untroubled soul with a different sex orientation” is not any different from the myth of the Trans person being inhabited by the “soul of woman”.

It thus was incredibly rewarding to realize how the hosts of the WrongThink program were able to discern, far more quickly than either the LGBTQ organizations or the Medical Profession that what was needed was actual “knowledge’ and medical findings so that our society’s decisions in regard to Gender issues (as is also the case with regard to such related issues as ADHD, Asperger’s, Depression and Obesity) would be made based on more than outpouring of screaming and hate and the resulting denial of all facts and knowledge that would interfere with the spewing of emotion.

Milo and his “gayness’ are no less  and no more a mental or brain disorder than is the experience of being Trans.  Both situations, as well as uncountable number of other human situations, that are foreordained in our genes,  are the result of various events in the womb that alter or otherwise cause imbalances in development of our brains and their relation to our bodies. Those in both groups are entitled to try to make the best of what their situation is in life and that includes taking advantage of the opportunities that our society offers us in terms of medical technology and awareness as well as in terms of our social and cultural openness to alternative styles of life.

(Note:We have approached Breitbart and Milo numerous times to attempt to inform them and indeed to ask them for a chance to present simple medical science rather than the rank “Fake News’ in regard to sex and gender that is routinely published by Milo and Breitbart..  It is probably far too easy for Milo  to simply pick on the mediocrities in the media with whom he jousts about these matters)


There are two areas of research that hopefully might arise with a new Administration working with a blank slate and no political IOUs to pay to the established LGBT or Medical or Media elites.

The first of these areas about which we speak at length during the interview is the research  that would help eliminate the horrors of the ongoing medical/psychiatric professions’ mistreatment and mutilation of the minds and spirits of the Trans person by means of their reckless use of essentially toxic, mind damaging medications.  It is the physicians and endocrinologists of our society today who are the ones inflicting the depression, passivity and ultimately the incredible suicide rate upon the Trans person.

See this link for more detail on this horror story:

Stress, Major Depression and Neurogenesis and the role of Brain MineraloCorticoid Receptors – A Review of 20 Studies


Quite unbelievably, in over thirty years of effectively damaging the cognitive and emotional well-being of Trans persons (those defined as M to F and NOT those F to M) our physicians have administered anti-androgens, mostly Spironolactone in the United States, without ever once having conducted a single study of any kind to determine what the actual impact is via brain damage to the Trans person and without ever once having done a study to determine whether the infliction of that poison medication is even necessary to achieve the desired “transition”.  Not once in decades has this been done.

The second area  which we speak at length is developing a proper medical/biological understanding of how to interpret the gender dysphoric situation presented by an increasing number of young people (and also older folks who have not dealt with that issue in their own younger years) .



The society, led by the political agitators and the LGBTQ elites and then supported by the Media, ever ready to sensationalize rather than make any effort to get to the facts, seems to insist on the patent nonsense of a mythology that descries the Transgender Male to Female person as “a woman born into and trapped in a man’s body”.

Presumably then, as the loony feminist academicians ( a group that has absolutely NO understanding of either biology or neuroscience, led by such pop snake oil salesladies as Cordelia Fine), the mean and nasty male dominated society forces these “women born in men’s bodies” to play with the wrong toys and doom them to a miserable life.

In an odd way this perverse reliance on an almost Medieval notion of a “soul” independent of the material body comes to a great extent from ongoing denial of “sex differences’ in the brains of males and females by the wacky feminists (at least one large and lamentably loud and totally lost group of them) which have been pushing for all sex differences between male and female to be unrelated  biology or genes or superficially visible weights and measures of  the brain and its events but instead to insist that sex differences in behavior and in experience are only and totally ‘culturally” driven and determined.


Well, then, the logical implication of the lunatic belief that sex differences are “all in the mind” and a product of social and cultural learning is that, surely, anyone who can shake off the chains of the culture by acts of existential rebellion or refusal can then claim that they are anything that they themselves “see” deep inside them that they truly are. And if that means that there has been the soul of a woman hiding in there all these years, well then so be it.

For the Transgender person, the vested interest of the LGBT activists and their organizations, the medical and psychiatric professions, the media of today, and the armies of social justice warriors, who are themselves racked with shame and guilt, is to deny that there is a causation of some kind…and not a genetic one (for most people) that accounts for the variance in frame of mind and style of life chosen by the Trans person.

We thus find ourselves living in a Kafkaesque universe, very much the doing of the feminist crusaders without a clue of biological functioning,  the truly damaging and ludicrous dogma available to and preached to a person  troubled by gender issues t to believe that, in the case of the Male to Female person, they are a “Woman trapped in a Man’s body”…and that presumably, the evil society has conspired to afflict them and make them miserable by forcing them to play with toys which they might not have chosen for themselves when they were 4 years old.

This mythology or urban legend media hype only creates an impossible and totally befuddling and preposterous scenario to the outside world which is asked to simply believe that, much like the psychotic who claims that they are ‘Napoleon”, the Transgender person or anyone choosing to coopting that “brand” or be branded by the activists as Transgender is “really” a “woman”. And, why, because they say so. Of course, any rational person in the world outside the Trans Ghetto is likely to feel not only bewildered by the lack of any logic or science to the “woman in a man’s body myth” but to become downright suspicious and fearful about the mental state of those indulging themselves in this kind of behavior, which would be considered psychotic in any context that was not totally corrupted by political correctness and its social justice warriors.

This dogma actually breeds an outlandish ‘cult” of its own in the Transgender Ghetto, which comes, as a result of the endless activist, political and media chatter, to include just about anyone who does not conform the typical sex or gender “roles”. Many of those who rightfully have felt a dysphoria and the workings of an imbalance in their daily lives and experiences now feel that they have found the answer, the magic bullet as it were. All they need to do is realize that they have really been ‘women” and not men all this time. And then, of course, that society recognize that and begin to address them and treat them as natural born “women”

Of course they then do not place themselves in the middle of that field of dreams which they seek, but, rather find themselves in the middle of a field of potential horrors. First of all they require the collusion and enabling of everyone they meet o support and validate their own recently divined “self labelling as a woman”. This leads to such madness as the “pronoun wars”…where the inadvertent use of a pronoun by an otherwise completely not interested person is view as an assault and as hate speech.

It leads to tremendous pressures among some of the Trans persons to live up to an emulate women as convincingly as they can, while living in constant fear that they will not be “seen” as women by the typical person they meet in the mall. And moreover, that they will not be quite seen as ‘women” by those who might be their potential lovers or life companions either.

Of course, as is the case with those suffer from obesity, some of them may just abandon any effort to fit in and not clash too much with social norms and expectations and then present themselves as oddities or paradoxes or causes for uneasiness among the mainstream folks they might encounter. Shock then becomes their answer to the hopelessness of living up to the role of a ‘woman”…

Others in the Trans community are so vested in somehow enacting this cultural media myth that they will go to at any lengths to “be” a woman. For them this does not mean simply looking attractive and wearing the clothes and acting in traditional female ways in public.

In fact they might scorn this mode of “being a woman” as only being a superficial cultural playacting. Instead these persons, no doubt often realizing that they will never “look 100% equivalent to this ideal “woman” in their minds and that they believe to be in society’s mind, focus on their own biology and anatomy as the means to prove to themselves that they are every bit as much of a woman as is a natural born woman.

This takes the form, as we see it happening more and more often in the Trans ghetto, of these Trans folks being fanatically and passionately devoted to their breasts and their growth and their size as their prize demonstration of their womanhood. Many of them disdain dressing attractively or making other efforts to be seen by their society’s neighbors as attractive females. Rather they simply zero in on what they believe that they can control: their breast size. Often their physicians and psychologists encourage this and consider their hormonal treatment in ‘transition” to be defined very much the size of their boobs.

As this cult has developed, many of these Trans women will go to any length to grow their boobs to humongous and pendulous size. This requires, as is now the transition du jour at the Trans support groups on Facebook, for example, dosing with astronomically high levels of both estrogen and progesterone, emulating the levels that are only attained by CIS women during pregnancy. This effectively keeps these Trans women on a hormonal level ..and mental level..where they are almost constantly pregnant. This is done simply to get their boobs to grow.

More astonishingly, they then insist that they be able to lactate and beyond that to breast feed infants. Not their own, but anybody else’s. This entails yet further medications of unknown consequence to promote prolactin secretions and enable them to lactate. Presumably this will finally achieve for them the “being a real woman” that they have been told they “are” now, and which for them is their salvation and assurance that they were not suffering from some “disorder” or medical disease.

Where this leads, no one can tell. Surely there are enough cases of despair and depression and suicide that result from the impossible tilting at windmills of these Trans persons…to convince themselves and to convince others at least to act in compliance with their fantasy in order to support themselves in their own ‘self convincing” that they are WOMEN.

This is bound to lead to adverse events and consequences when they go out into the world…if that is what they truly and devoutly believe and cling to. This will lead to moments of rage and resentment and despair and various actions that can both be ultimately violent to themselves as well as to others who happen to pass by this inner storm without being aware of the hidden turbulence.


That Facebook now surfaces as the repressive voice seeking to squelch  any news of the revolution in medical research and knowledge of the past decade or two in order to reinforce the leftist political agitators including the LGBT activists and the misbegotten feminist academics is quite an irony.   It seems that, as with all “news” the only news that’s good news to Facebook is  “Fake News”.

So now Zuck’s zombies ban Rachel Francon and did so, without any clarification or any basis that they were willing to provide, for her participation in this video is appalling and why Facebook itself is becoming nothing more than a sewer for elitist dogma and prejudice.

For several days now, the Zuckerberg Machine has refused to provide any clarification of why the ban for this interview and its promotion by Castalia Rachel Francon was enacted.


Nothing need be said in Imam Zuck’s Zombie mosque of  spasms of lost souls squealing of their own “Selfiedom” and masquerading as ” News”  Simply silencing the voices of any pursuit of the truth is enough

Please enjoy the adventure and the experience of the interview itself..and how we overcame misunderstandings and misinformation…as well as the basic science that we try to convey to the audience…and which, rather impressively, our interviewers managed to appreciate and, did so, much more quickly than the LGBT organizations, the Medical Profession, and the Media

For those curious about the medical research relating to some of the Women’s and Trans Issues, here are some further highly relevant links:

Your Heart and Estradiol: Beyond Synthetic Hormones and BAD Science – The Defamation of Estradiol


“The widespread rejection of estrogen therapy after the 2002 Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study has most likely led to almost 50,000 unnecessary deaths over the last 10 years among women aged 50 to 69 who have had a hysterectomy, Yale School of Medicine researchers reveal in a study published in the July 18 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.”


The Estrogen Dilemma:

Maybe the best article ever on hormone replacement



Estrogen Therapy: Applying New Findings to Women’s Health Care


Estrogen: Aromatase as the Primary ,Natural Anti-Androgen & Testosterone Blocker (16 studies)

But, of course, this particular story has only just began with the WrongThinkRadio Interview.  Since the interview was publicized, as we have noted, Facebook banned Castalia Rachel from posting or participating in the groups and pages that she administers on Facebook. Two of these are medical and neuroscience groups where many thousands of members of Facebook rely on her support and information to deal with health and medical matters. Somehow Facebook zombies considered it appropriate to stop her from providing the ongoing support to those out there in Facebook’s own bleak landscape.

The WrongThink Hosts have since presented another brief video on the banning and obstruction of Rachel’s and their interview:

Key parts of the host’s, Aaron’s,  respond to the Facebook tyranny here below in transcript form:


Transcript of this Podcast/ Video)

“We let Rachel Francon discuss her studies into science. She’s worked very hard, talked to a lot of doctors, trying to pioneer a science to help her community…the TG community, and find ways for science to support their transition

Now though there are a lot of different things morally, psychologically throughout that I’m sure she and I disagree on, she was welcome to come on the program and have a platform to speak

None of it was being sold as Hard science. There is NO hard science in regard to the Transgender community. That is why we’re talking about it.

She’s been banned from Facebook for sharing our video Banned for hate speech. For speaking her opinion.

Banned for hate speech for speaking her mind, expressing her opinion as a Transgender person. That is what she got banned for.

And now we have harassment on Google…and she and our video are reported as spam..and called “hate and ignorance

What’s hatefulland ignorant about discussing the issue of Trans genders..of how to move forward, of how to help;

I had a transgender person on my program. My audience showed the utmost interest and respect.

Now she is being banned from Facebook And our video is being marked as hate speech as fake news

She’s not allowed to be Transgender with an opinion that is counter to progressivism. That is the crime she’s committed. That is the crime we’ve committed for having her on our program

The TG community has a 36% suicide rate (higher suicide than anyone else in the United States)

What Rachel is doing is trying to figure out ways to help those people. For that she is being banned and harassed.”


 ———   MORE TO COME ——–

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