Trump: A Whole New Ball Game

Beyond Lawyer Talk:  

          Winning on the World’s New Playing Fields


Understanding the World Today: It’s a Whole New Game…and Has Been for Decades.

Today the world has shown itself to be radically different and that “playing field” has changed by being essentially split now into two different aspects, which often have little to do with each other.

Diplomacy used to be centered on the strategic juggling of alliances and confrontations related to the life and death of the country, a battlefield with skirmishes between nations based on their military capabilities, and thus this game was based on the military threats and military related support that characterized those maneuvers.

Those nations who succeeded were those with the diplomats who were the craftiest political/military “chess players’ or strategists and who most smartly balanced these militarily based considerations. And they were the nations who realizes that they needed to build their military and to use it wisely in the service of the broader game of diplomacy.  And the goal of that diplomacy was to defend and protect the nation vis a vis other nations and their military strengths and their military possibilities, as well as their military threats.

The competition for life and death of nations is a different one today.  It takes place, for the most part, in terms of economics and the manner in which trade , manufacturing, currency, immigration and other commercial aspects are handled. The nations of the world now rarely become involved in military conflict but fight each other economically. But again, as always, only those who are the ‘fittest” will survive.

And the battle is still one of “life and death” in the end, though not with the same graphic immediacy as military conflict. Those “on the ground” still suffer and ultimately suffer the same consequences.

In the case of the State Department, it seems that the appointment has been one that we might have expected from Trump, who told us that the ‘deals” and treaties with the other economic players on the “trade and manufacturing” game-board will be made by people who know what they are doing. In today’s world that again means those with “experience’ in really fighting the “battles” on those fronts…and with alliances and deals on the economic level.

That is why a successful international strategist in the game of economic combat is the one we should be looking to for our new “diplomacy” and not some academic from a think tank…which is more stink than think.

The new military “war” that we now face is not one between nations and their governments which can be fought in the old ways. It is one against “terrorists” without national boundaries who must be combatted not via diplomatic lawyer talk between leaders of governments, who are, at bottom, still only striving to win on the economic and trade fronts, but by means of those who know how to fight those new threats. This requires experts who understand that “game” and to understand it, you have to have been “there and done that”

The manner in which a President makes up a cabinet, must therefore reflect that change in our world. The appointments by Trump of those with actual experience on the ground in combatting terrorists via the new type of battle fronts were done for that reason. These are military guys…and not “civilians” who have no knowledge of the realities and have been merely subjected to the odd winds of political correctness for decades. Couch potatoes are of no use in any contest, especially one where no rules are in place and old boundaries no longer apply.


Trump on his Youth and Baseball:

“I always knew I was good. I was always good at it. I was always the best athlete. … Always the best player. Not only baseball, but every other sport too. … I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young. … Everybody wanted me to be a baseball player. But I was good at other things too. I was good at wrestling. I was really good at football. I was always good at sports. I was always the best at sports.”



From Bull Durham:

Crash Davis: You be cocky and arrogant, even when you’re getting beat. That’s the secret. You gotta play this game with fear and arrogance. 

LaLouch  Right. Fear and ignorance. 

Crash Davis:  [exasperated] No. You hayseed. It’s arrogance not ‘ignorance.’


It was also encouraging to see those with real world experience and achievement such as Jim Brown coming to talk to Trump about economic improvements in the inner cities…since again these are not simply talkers or parasite lawyers…or those who have lived only in ivory towers, but people of real achievement. …and real fighters and competitors. We have a lot more faith in them than academics who are up in their penthouses…or on equally removed perches financed by taxpayers in Academic cloisters.

That kind of successful competitor on a real playing field is what today’s world needs, not more lawyers who know only ‘lawyer talk”

When he chose Ben Carson to manage HUD, the critics shouted that Carson was not prepared. That he had himself managed to fight a great battle against the inner city obstacles, to get himself to medical school, become a top surgeon and then rise to a position of leadership after that…all that did not matter to the lemmings who want more lawyers to lead them over my cliffs. But what Carson was meant something to Trump. He too was a winner. And thus he would be most likely to really tackle the job and prevail.

Of course, that is what Trump is, as well. And in a time of need, as is often the case with our nation, we have come to our senses about the “worthlessness” of lawyers as leaders and turned to those from the real world who are NOT lawyers and do not pollute the air with the stench of the legalistic hedging and sophistry.

The American people have been wise enough, when they vote for President in recent decades to have avoided lawyers when making their choices.  They  have chosen Presidents such as Eisenhower, or JFK, or Reagan who were people of real achievement and who were not,  by dint of their peculiar training and experience only qualified, as is the case with lawyers, to talk a good game, but never believe in actually playing, to lie and cover up and hedge and talk “lawyer talk”

Military leaders, successful businessmen and top athletes all fall into the same category. And no doubt that is why Trump trusts them more than the lawyer bureaucrats, who are measured by nothing more than how their “talk” manages to sway the gullible.

And indeed Trump is himself a guy who used to be a top athlete, has been a successful business leader and even “won” at the game of media and entertainment. And he has continued to “win” despite all odds in yet another arena, politics. He does not talk like a lawyer or act like a lawyer. That is why the people chose him



They never tackle the actual “ doing” of the job and never get their “ uniforms dirty”. So they never have a clue about what is going on down on the ground.  In fact they take a kind of odd pride in never getting down into the trenches and being able to create clouds of obscurity with their words than distract from what is really going on.


Now known more for his luxurious ties, Trump once was not afraid of getting down in the dirt: “A catcher, Trump’s uniform was often the dirtiest on the field, and he shrugged off foul balls clanging off his mask”.



“He was good-hit and good-field,” former instructor Col. Ted Dobias said. “We had scouts from the Phillies to watch him, but he wanted to go to college and make real money.”

And that, we believe, is exactly, why he has chosen his “team” in the way he has.

This nation is long past due in freeing itself from the insanity of repeating over and over again a dependence on lawyers who only know how to talk and to enhance their own standing and elections. It is one of the tragic ironies of our Republic that somewhere along the line the common wisdom was that we needed to manage our institutions and our government by relying on lawyers who could do no more than read the rules and get around them instead of those who actually knew how to do something and had actually done it.


Again that is why Trump prevailed, despite the pundits ( a euphemism for naive , vicarious, and pompous parasites who view the world from up above and never have a clue of what happens on the ‘ground” because they have never even been there themselves) did not like about Trump. As academics and as what we nowadays call “pundits” they are well practiced in exercising their posteriors with extended viewing of the world going by outside their ivory towers

From Teddy Roosevelt:   “It is not the critic who counts …. 

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…  

who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”

To the media and academics who comprise the body and soul of the elitist class, Trump was not “presidential”..because he didn’t talk or act like a lawyer. What’s worse, they have no respect for those who actually have been on the field in the past, any more than they do for the working men and women of our country or the military or those managing business as best they can, who are on the field and doing their best to “play the game”.

They only value those folks with the best spectator seats, ones which they hope to one day get for themselves if they climb high enough… and  they disparage the real folks who play. Even worse they resent and try to cut down those who “play and then win”.

Of course, that is understandable because those talking-head pundits, too, never tackle the actual “ doing” of the job and never get their “ uniforms dirty”. So they never have a clue about what is going on down on the ground.

They are the proverbial “Monday morning quarterbacks”. Feasting on beer and pretzels in the comfort of their wide-screens, and never having a clue of what really happens down there on the field.

As Donald Trump found himself winning the Presidency, against all odds and so spectacularly, he knew it was just another huge victory, in only one game on the way to his own Hall of Fame,.

In his inauguration speech, Peggy Noonan, noted in a fine account of that days events. the essential message from him, right up front was: ”

“Remember those things I said in the campaign? I meant them. I meant it all.”



Throughout the speech, and much of the day, Mr. Trump looked stern. At first,” Noonan writes, ” I thought it was the face he puts on when he’s nervous. I don’t think so now.

The address was bold in its assertion of the distance in America between the leaders and the led:

“For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished—but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered—but the jobs left, and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country.”

It was an unmistakable indictment of almost everyone seated with him on the platform.

Then a stark vow: “That all changes—starting right here and right now.” Jan. 20 “will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.

We understand. Trump’s demeanor was stern and resolute, and not giddy or festive.  He was a man who knew that he had only one prevailed in one game and there were more battles to come, more winning to do and more to be won.

To the rest of the millions out there in the audience, that was why we chose him.

Not to talk..but to WIN.

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